New Parkzone RAF SE-5a for AFPD

  • Hello AFPD simmers,

    With some friendly fine-tuning of the flight model from Hans Wonner,
    I have just completed a:

    ParkZone RAF SE-5a for AFPD

    Special Note: This AFPD model should be extracted from the .zip
    file and the folder copied to the AFPD aircraft directory. Then
    the .wav file for the model needs to be copied to the AFPD sound
    directory. Please read INSTALL.TXT and EULA.TXT included. Special
    thanks to Hans Wonner for fine-tuning this model.

    Notes: Nothing's nicer than a World War I biplane to fly around
    the paddock. The R.A.F. SE-5a was one of the first combat
    airplanes for the more typical flying recruit. It had good
    manners and good survivability. The scale realism is very
    nice on this model.


    Wing Span: 37.1 in / 943mm
    Overall Length: 30.0 in / 760mm
    Flying Weight: 40.6 oz / 1150g
    Motor Size: 960Kv 480 size brushless motor
    Prop: 10 x 8 in. / 25.4 x 20.3 cm brown scale prop
    ESC: 30A brushless with Switch-Mode BEC
    Battery: 3-cell 11.1V 1800mAh LiPoly
    Channels: A/R/E/T dual aileron servos
    Landing Gear: Fixed main LG and steerable tail wheel

    Please compare this model to the actual and let me know if the
    flight parameters need changing.

    -- Gary (my afpd web site)

    P.S. Some model parts borrowed from: Shinichiro_Nishiya