Reflex adapter for MPX Cockpit MM.

  • I have a 2005 version of Reflex XTR, never used until now, but it is now installed on my older XP computer. The screen instruction then was "connect to transmitter", but on checking the dongle cable I saw that the plug is 5-pin. The socket on my 2003 MPX Cockpit MM is 7-pin, so there is no way to connect as they are now.
    Can anyone please advise how best to make the connection? Is there a 7-pin plug available for the dongle cable? Is there any kind of adapter available to allow a Multiplex 5-pin plug to properly connect to a Multiplex 7-pin socket?

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

    Andrew 342

  • That's perfectly OK, just plug the 5-pin plug into the 7-pin socket and you'll be fine. (I have a Cockpit MM as well.)

    You might go to, their download page that is, and download Reflex version 5.03 which is the newest version working with your old dongle. At least I think so...

  • Burkhard,
    Many thanks for your reply.
    I hadn't previously tried to connect the 5-pin plug to the 7-pin socket as I didn't want to risk bending a pin. But they are now connected (with a very hard push) and the pins appear to be ok. I have not run the simulator yet as I have some clean-up work to do on the XP computer. Hopefully will have it all running in a couple of days.
    On your advice I will see if I can download V 5.03.
    Best regards,