how to get downloads after Ive made a donation :)

  • Hello ...
    to me, with the date and mailadress from which you donate ...

    Your mailadress is the same as in Forum, so you can download now :) have fun

    regards Jens

  • Hi,
    thanks .... it worked automatically ( when donaition email-adress is the same as here in our Forum, like yours )

    So much fun with all the Downloads...

  • Hallo

    Thank you for your fantastic platform. I have a E Sky remote that came with the software but the CD broke and I got a new PC. Where can I download the complete simulators software?

    Best Regards

  • I am new here and am just trying to restore the Reflex XTR I bought for $200 at local hobby shop some years ago. I had downloaded many many models, but the computer died. It looks like they didn't invest my $200 very well and ran out of money or something..

    What I don't understand is why anyone would need to spend money on this, or why it would cost anything more than running a torrent tracker (which has a non-zero cost, but is WAY cheaper than direct downloads). Why not just make torrents for everything and let seeders supply the bandwidth?

    Anyway.. contemplating my options and trying to recover data from dead drives. How much $$ would I need to contribute, and if I did, would you be inclined to make torrents?

  • Despite the fact that my first language is German, but I worked decades for an American company, I can not see your problem clearly.
    And so I fear also other members of this (German) forum have no idea what you like to know from us.
    So could you please put it simply what your problem is?
    rgds Jürgen

  • I am asking a philosophical and technical question, mostly to Higgy: Why pay? Why not torrent instead? Also, how much do I need to pay for model downloading privileges? Is there a non-German site I can download models from? I am using Google to translate this site so I can use it.

  • Hi,
    we have answered such questions a lot in last 15 years ...
    so please look in the forum System here...