PT 300 Tow for Aerofly5

  • Hi to you all, i am a new member so please excuse my ignorance. I have just found this site so i am asking if anyone here knows if there is such a model called the PT300 Tow for aerofly 5. There is this guy on youtube that did a video on Aerofly 5 and the very first plane he was flying was the PT300 Tow. He mentioned that it was a user made model. I would love to have that model in my collection but cannot find it anywhere so i hope maybe, someone here can please help me. I don't know if it's in the downloads section as it wont let me look unless i donate. I don't mind donating at all, it's just i wanted that particular model. Incidental how many models are there to download. Anyway, i hope someone can advise

  • Got to apologize. With aerofly 7 i just put it in the aircraft folder in documents, loaded it up but did not try it as i had not got my radio plugged in, so i pressed h to launch it but i have discovered it does not respond to any inputs from the mouse. I have since plugged my DXE but it just goes off full throttle and does not respond. I just thought it worked as it was in the user folder and loaded up on my airfield and thought it would fly. I thought from what i read, models from Aerofly5 would work on 7. Am very sad it does not work on Aerofly 7 buts its fine on 5. Sorry for being hasty and saying it worked. As of this moment it does not work on 7 even though it is there on an airfield ready to fly. Am not going to just say it just worked as thats misleading to others and i don't do that

  • I have just managed to convert the .GetOutput] and the .Position] files in its tmd and can now say for definite it works fine. Took some doing but it works. When i load the PT300 Tow from Aerofly 5 on Aerofly 7 Ultimate it shows in user folder, loads up on any airfield. All i am getting is a slight throttle overrun as i load the model up it just runs on for a split second as if you have stopped the throttle or however you name it and it comes to a stop then i can throttle up take off and fly as normal. So as said i have managed to get it to load and fly perfect. Sorry for being hasty before

  • AF5 aircraft do not work in RC7 without to convert them.
    Once upon a time there was an instruction in the old IPACS forum how to do so.
    But it disappeared.

    Hi Jürgen,
    are you interested in a small tutorial AF5-to-RC7?