So, any chance that FlightGear could be included in this forum's list of "favorite sims"

  • Hi all,

    I've been out of the forum for a while. I kinda blame Dieter who said it was closing, (Well you know, deducting intent and precise wording about the future status of this forum, my fault probably moreso..) and I was getting the vibe that Higgy was saying the funding was tight and going on to other interests and closing this forum. So, I sadly dropped you out of my pinned list of favorites.

    I'm doing an online search yesterday and this forum came up with recent posts in Han's Wundertute :thumbsup: :phatgrin: So I assume the interest is still here.

    I like the new format. But I'm now quite involved with FlightGear.

    And I'd like to share this sim with those of you who haven't played around with open source freeware flightsim. And this is full scale sim, but I have built RC model aircraft for this sim. I have a 1.6 meter WS Fournier-RF4 that I ported from FMS and also a turbine helicopter, and a Great Planes Trainer 40. Scaling down the Reynolds numbers is easy and you can power it with Electric or Fuel. Crossing over to FG for developing content, especially if you're adept at either Metasequoia, AC3D or (especially) Blender is easy as the native supported 3D files are .ac and .obj. Preference for .ac because there's much more shader support. And multiplayer is really easy, there's even a in user interface voice chat. Although it's a little tricky as you need to chose a channel that isn't also being used by a local ATC and there's a few frequently operating ATCs like Frankfurt's airport ICAO- EDDF Flughafen Frankfurt am Main. There's also a Mumble chatline.

    Link to FG download page

  • Hello,

    yes, now finances our server :)

    I don't quite understand the question yet :)

    please verify .. .you want a best " list" with favorites ?

    Hi, well in the user information/avatar editor ( Mitgliedersuche..?) you have a list of various RC and full scale flight sims to chose from, to add to your favorite personal information, "Welche Simulator nutzt ihr?" I'm just wondering if that could be edited to include FlightGear.