Phoenix sim ! Goet niews !! :)

  • looks very bad X( and dont buy it

  • Hi depronbieger,

    what is your opinion based upon - any facts? The demo is not even released yet and screenshots/videos can be very misleading... ?(


  • The graphics looks very cool and the sounds too... did you take a look at the videos ?

    depronbieger, why are you saying it's very bad ? Are you a beta tester ? I don't understand your point of view... please argue.

    Only testing will say if it's realistic or not.

  • Hi Hsound,


    are you a beta tester?

    I'm a bit curious about your relation to the company in question as well...


  • Hi again TreeHugger,

    I've saw on their website that there were beta testers, so If I can have any opinions before buying, I'm interested.

    Again, I have nothing to do with this company and I'm not selling anyting. I'm a bit exited, that's all and want to share the info with others simulator fans. But I admit, for a first and second post it can looks like advertisment... forgive me pleeaaaase ;)

    See U

    Bernard Zoll

  • Hi again Hsound,

    the issue was already settled in your other thread, you have just been a bit faster with posting than me - nevermind... But this leads to another point regarding "forum netiquette": Please avoid posting the same topic to several forums - it only leads to cross-postings and misunderstandings - thank you!


    There has already been some discussion about the phoenix, have a look at this thread. You'll find more via the "search" function. But then again, it's all written in german...