How to use FS-TH9X with Reflex XTR 5.00.06?

  • Does anyone have any insight as how to use Flysky's FS-TH9X with Relex? Here is what I have done so far: I had been using an old Futaba T6XH with the large DIN plug with the Reflex dongle. The Flysky uses a 1/8 audio type jack. I soldered a 1\8 jack to where the Futaba is pinned . . . matching the red-to-red wires and black-to black wires (2 wires total to deal with at the DIN plug). When I plug in the Flysky it, of course, powers up automatically. When I start Reflex it indicates that it does not see the transmitter. I have tried it with and without the radio module in the transmitter.

    Is it possible that the polarity of the audio plug is reversed and is not allowing it to be seen by Reflex?

    The Flysky is also marketed as Turnigy 9X as well as a few others. If anyone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi,

    is your Reflex Version 5.00.06? Please Update to 5.03.1 (klick ) and yes it might be, that you changed the polarity.
    If you can't solve the problem mail to simwerk (= support).

    Beste Grüße, best regards,

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