Export cad to aerofly

  • Hallo,

    I dno't think it will work. First you need 3 dimensional data and then you need to convert it.
    There are converters for different types of 3d modelling software but I don't think it's possible to convert files from CAD software.



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  • Hi,

    unfortunately you did not specify your CAD version and the aerofly version.
    But several years ago I did successfully convert CAD data into aerofly models.

    First you have to import a DXF file into Metasequoia or AC3D.
    Then define the model objects and the texturing.
    Please take into account, that aerofly 5 needs closed 3D objects for all parts.
    Finally export the data into aerofly model format.
    Last step is the physics setup in the aerofly TMD file.

    You can find converter toos here:

    Karl-Heinz (rodeo)