What is the next upgrade from 5.00.6?

  • Hi and welcome!

    The next free Update is 5.03.1, you'll get ist at the supportpage "www.simwerk.de", "klick me ".
    "Reflex XTR 5.03 für Windows® Vista® (Englisch)" is for XP and Win 7 also, the installer has a problem with Win 7 it will not copy the reflex.exe.
    Send a mail if this happens.
    The 5.04 version is not running with your dongle, but there are 2 new sceneries and one heli to copy...

    The newest version is 5.06.2, you have to pay for the "hardware upgrade" with sending back your old dongle, to get the new one.

    Beste Grüße, best regards,

    PS: Kostenlos / 4free - Scenary " Fischen " - 4 Reflex XTR, AFPD, FMS, Heli-X and in work 4 Phoenix RC, search the Webdisk or visit my HP.