New SGTalon Enteprise D for Clearview, FMS, RC Desk Pilot

  • Hello rc simmers.

    Just completed SGTalon's Enterprise D for ClearView, FMS and RC Desk Pilot
    here's the SGTalon Enterprise D.

    And a special thanks to Rasterize for the Enterprise D skins.

    __ClearView Version_____FMS Version_______RCDP Version_____

    Notes: SGTalon created an awesome Trekky RC experience with his Enterprise D.
    The model flies a lot like other flat plate airfoils with a bit of high
    alpha required to generate the needed lift. Once airborne with the
    recommended motor, the model is aerobatic with rolls, loops, stall turns
    and harriers.

    You can see the RC Groups discussion, plans and build log at:

    Enterprise D video review by ARoundToIt RC:

    Model Specs are:
    AUW: 14.3 ounces with full skins (.4054kg)
    Saucer Span: 24 (.61m)
    Length: 33.0 (.838m)
    Materials: Blue/Pink FFF and carbon fiber airframe.
    Motor: TowerPro 2410-12D brushless motor, 24 oz thrust!
    ESC: 18A brushless ESC
    Prop: 9x5
    Batteries: 3 cell 11.1v 1300-1800 mAh 20C LiPoly
    Transmitter: 3 channel A/E/T, no mixing required
    Servos: Hextronic 9g and 5g, one of each

    Please compare these models to the real versions and let
    me know what changes need to be made. Make sure you
    tell me which sim you're working on.

    Happy Flying!

    -- ggunners