Fieseler Fi-156 Storch for Clearview, FMS, RC Desk Pilot

  • Hi Simmers!

    ________ClearView_________________FMS________________RC Desk Pilot_____

    This model is a real collaboration that started with
    a Georg Gerdes model from November 2001 that was updated
    with a new model skin and 3D model upgrades by Stephen Loft
    in July 2011 and finally some changes to the 3D model and
    different desert camo skin applied in November 2011.

    Update 11/7/11: Stephen Loft says, the IL-2 skin I used was
    made by VpMedia, or István Csizmadia from Hungary. He would have
    been one of the first who really made IL-2 planes look realistic.
    Stephen sent him a message in to use his work.
    Skin filename: VP-Fi-156-(TH+AZ)-Libya-1941-NM.bmp

    Flight parameters based on a BP Hobbies model

    Span: 52.50 inches - 1335 mm
    Length: 35.60 inches - 880 mm
    Weight: 1.35 pounds - 0.612 kg

    Good flying! -- ggunners