Older Reflex USB Dongles - Software download update issues

  • I bought Reflex in 2005 or 06. I have the original disc but no longer run XP. What options do I have? Is there software available for Win7 and will it work with my older USB dongle? Reflex is a great product but here in the US I often hear other flyers not willing to use it, software updates and support is the major concern. That seems to be a shame since this product is very outstanding. Please help me out here and I will show my US counter parts that Reflex does support this product.

  • Hi and welcome!

    Please give some more infos: Win 7 (32 Bit) or (64 Bit) ? and witch Reflex Version?

    5.00.00 / 01 / 02 / can be updated up to 5.03.1
    Reflex XTR support: "klick" your latest Version: Reflex XTR 5.03 für Windows® Vista® (Englisch)... and Win 7
    You must install Reflex to "c:\progsold\Reflex" !!! (Other wise the Reflex-program has no write access), if the reflex.exe is missing, send me a "PM / mail".
    If you have the possibility to install Reflex on XP, just copy the Reflex-folder to Win 7.

    The latest version is 5.06.2, you'll need a hardware/software update, mail to the support, English is no prob.

    Beste Grüße, best regards,

    PS: Kostenlos / 4free - Scenary " Fischen " - 4 Reflex XTR, AFPD, FMS, Heli-X and in work 4 Phoenix RC, search the Webdisk or visit my HP.

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  • Thanks for the fast response. I was able to download and install 5.04.2 on my Win7-32 setup. The software reports my USB will not work. I have the Blue USB dongle. I installed XP on an older laptop and found my old software is version 5.00.6. I need a new dongle?


  • Hi Rick,
    5.04.1 runs in demo-mode, your dongle is not compatible. You must use 5.03.1 update your 5.00.6 on your old XP PC and copy the folder "Reflex" onto your Win 7 desktop, install the "ReflexHIDInst.exe". put in your dongle, it should work. If not i'll give you a private possibility. Send me a private message (pm) or a mail. EDIT End (I've read your answer is not completely 8) ).
    See the pictures here @simwerk.de "klick " (scroll down, translate with translate.google.com) the text is not available in english.
    You can only copy that content to 5.03.1:

    • 2 new sceneries from the Alps mountains: MV Zugspitze (Germanys highest mountain) and MFC Salzburg (Austria).
    • New helicopter CALIBER-5 from KYOSHO.

    Reflex XTR history:
    5.00.0 -> 5.03.1: USB-Dongle: big blue one without buttons

    New "Slimstick" USB Dongle (New functions and new protection):
    5.04.0 -> 5.04.1: NEW USB Dongle: "Slimstick", red small one with one button and 2 LEDs (Serial No > "8000" is compatible with 5.05.x since 5.05.2)
    Distributor changed
    5.05.0 -> future: Neu USB Dongle: "Slimstick", blue small one with one button, 2 LEDs

    Beste Grüße, best regards,

    PS: Kostenlos / 4free - Scenary " Fischen " - 4 Reflex XTR, AFPD, FMS, Heli-X and in work 4 Phoenix RC, search the Webdisk or visit my HP.

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  • Hello,

    I'm new and start to pick up RC again

    I have a XTR ver. 5.00.6 that is installed on Win10. Everything works fine.

    With my blue Doogle, I have read that I can update to 5.03.1, which I would like to do.

    I cannot figure out where are the files to download on this site. I basically look for a "download" section which I cannot find.

    All the links above are not working anymore.

    Could you please give me a hint

    Thanks a lot

  • Yes, it looks like you have to buy. The old website is long gone and the new one (link in post #6) just says "the blue dongle" would work (in their FAQ). But post #4 above makes clear that you have the "big blue dongle without buttons" with your old REFLEX version and that won't work. Updating to 5.03 wouldn't work, either, because it was made for Vista and is far too old for W10. At least I think so.

    Seems you missed the time when the old dongle was traded in for the newer one (which would work) with a big discount. Now, to be sure, you could download and install the latest version from their website and simply try your dongle. Or you could contact them via their website and ask. After a waiting while for their response you would be sure as well and maybe even get a discount. Please also notice that the price is far lower than it was when you first bought it.

  • Thanks a lot for you detailed answer.

    I may go for the new one at the end.

    However, I would like to try to find the 5.03 download.

    I have read that the 5.03.1 is the latest version that work with the blue dongle without buttons.

    Right now, I have installed the version which I got on the CD bought at the time. It is the version 5.00.6 and it works fine on Win10.

    Hence, I hoped the 5.03.1 version should work fine also. At least I would like to try.

    Any idea were I can find the 5.03.1 version to download?

    BTW, I'm also looking to add extra models and scenes.

    Long time ago I remember it was available on the old internet site.

    But now, I cannot find it.

    Any guidance would be welcome :-)

  • That's my website, and I decided to give up versioning the model installs when the new version of REFLEX came out. It would be too complicated for me to maintain more and more model versions for different REFLEX versions.

    Even more important, REFLEX withdrew the 5.03 download so at least now it's illegal to offer this version for download. I don't think you'll find it anymore. But maybe I'm wrong and someone has it, and you can download lots of models and sceneries for the old version here at RC-Sim.

    I just don't think it's worth it. You're fixating on a more than 13 years old version, and you would feel like that when you would get and see it.