New RC Super Hero for ClearView, FMS and RC Desk Pilot

  • Hello sim flyers.

    Just completed the sim models for the RC Super Hero. If you have not seen
    this one fly yet, you are in for a treat. Links to videos included below.

    ______ClearView____________________FMS_______________RC Desk Pilot_____

    Greg Tanous has fulfilled our childhood fantasies by letting
    us fly around the neighborhood as an RC Super Hero.

    RC Groups discussion and videos
    RC Super Hero videos
    RC Super Hero web site

    Note that this model is based on the 78-inch version of the
    RC Super Hero, not the micro or the mid-size 57-inch version
    and derived from a 3D model by Ryan Aguilar with permission.

    For those of you that want to customize your super hero, Just
    edit the existing rc-super-hero-78 .jpg or .bmp file.

    Model Specs are:

    AUW: 3.3 lbs (1.4969kg)
    Arm Span: 46.5 (1.1811m)
    Length: 78.0 (1.9812m)
    Materials: White/Black Depron, carbon fiber, coroplast
    Motor: Scorpion 3020-1110 brushless motor, 6 lbs thrust!
    ESC: 60A brushless ESC + 7.2v 500mAh voltage regulator
    Prop: APC 12x6
    Batteries: 3 cell 11.1v 3000 mAh 40C LiPoly
    Transmitter: 3 channel A/E/T, elevon mixing needed
    Servos: HS225MG and HS82MG, two of each

    Please compare these sim models to the real versions and let
    me know what changes need to be made. Please include which sim
    you use in your comments. Thanks and Good Simming!

    -- ggunners