New PilotRC Sbach 342 for ClearView, FMS and RC DeskPilot

  • Hello rc simmers,

    Just completed the sim models for a PilotRC Sbach 342 53". Please give
    this one a try and if you have the model, give us some feedback.

    ______ClearView_________________FMS________________RC Desk Pilot_____

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    Xtreme Pilot video
    Pilot-RC web site

    Note that this model is based on the 53-inch electric version
    of the PilotRC Sbach 342, PilotRC has several much larger versions.

    Model Specs are:

    Pilot RC 18% 53" Sbach 342 Red/Black Thunderbolt Electric Carbon Fiber
    ARF (Almost-Ready-to-Fly) Electric Airplane

    Wingspan 53" (1.35m)
    Wing Area 623 sq in(4022 sq cm)
    Fuselage length 47" (1.2m)
    Weight flying weight 66 Oz (1.88kg), empty weight 41 OZ(1.17kg)
    Engine A30, A40 serial Electric Motor, Hacker A30-12XL Motor
    Batteries: 4S 2200-4000mAh or 5S 2200-3800mAh LiPo
    Radio: 5 channel, 4 micro servos

    Give them a try and let me know what's what.

    -- ggunners