Please Help Me With This!!!

  • Hi!

    I have downloaded many models and scenerys, but I can't figure out how I'm supposed to put them into Reflex Xtr! I have looked alot on different threads on different forums, but I just can't find it out!!! I'm getting really fustrated, because I have red that I have to put the files in specific folders, but I don't have those folders!

    Please help me!
    Thanks! ;(

  • Hi!

    Reflex XTR 5.04.1 und Reflex XTR 5.05.x, 5.06.x, ... with Vista / Win 7 (32-bit)
    C:\Program Files\REFLEX\Simulator

    Models / landscapes or scenery / demo / etc:
    C:\ProgramData\REFLEX\Simulator (The folder "ProgramData" is hidden, use the Explorer > Organize >Folder-Options to switch to unhidden.)

    The Subfolders are named "Demo", "Flugzeug" = planes, "Heli" and Umwelt\wlp\"country"\ "scenery".

    Beste Grüße, best regards,

    PS: Kostenlos / 4free - Scenary " Fischen " - 4 Reflex XTR, AFPD, FMS, Heli-X and in work 4 Phoenix RC, search the Webdisk or visit my HP.