Does XModder work with the latest version of Reflex RMK ok...??

  • Hi....I have been trying to import a few FMS models in via XModder but RMK doesn't appear to be able to find or read the Tex FILE...???...usually get an error about the TEX file and on "line 4"... So I haven't been able to import the Xmodded files into RMK..I have tried the two texture options in XModder but..??

    Any info is much appreciated....Laurie

  • Hi Laurie!

    Please read this (translated): "klick me" (I don't use x-modder, so I can't give any infos).

    This seems to be important:
    "The program creates a model format of the Reflex simulator that is still
    dependent on the bitmap file, as opposed to RMK, where the bitmap is
    If the source file require multiple bitmaps is now just one process,
    whether that's the right thing for the main part of the model can be
    roughly gauged from the size specified by the bitmap information (in
    this example 512x512)"

    Beste Grüße, best regards,

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  • Hi Ronald,

    Thanks I checked that out and tried a few times again with the Manta DLG file but kept getting the same error. So I tried another plane file and it worked fine!!!...I think it is the Manta file that is causing the problem...I will ask the maker of that one to check if possible....Rgds....Laurie