How to upload the recorded videos from eflex XTR2.

  • Hi,

    Just checked and they seem to be recorded as ".mmo" type files..??...I assume these (in the Demo Folder) are 3D but I assume I need to convert them in order to upload to YouTube..??


    Laurie :S

  • Cancel that...just did some more searching here and found the reference to Fraps....which I see also does stereoscopic video capture!!!...

    I will have to buy that shortly..Rgds...Laurie

  • Well I have the Fraps demo version installed and set to record Stereo 3D ok. It does this fine with FSX but does generate large files (EG 29 secs = 900+ mb)....However I cant get it to record in Reflex XTR in keeps crashing Reflex when I use the Fraps key to start recording... I tried F9 and F12 after I realised F9 is also used in Reflex....

    I have a demo version of Cyberlink's Power Director 10 programme, to edit videos and up load to YouTube etc...

    Any ideas??



  • Mmmmm I think as there has been no replies here it means it is not a known issue so I will contact Dieter at Simwerk and see if he can tackle it. I believe that if Reflex was able to have the 3d recorded in Fraps it wou,ld aid in publicity and enjoyment of the sim...Rgds...Laurie