• I have an old Reflex xtr which I bought while living in HongKong about 5 years ago, It never came with English but I was given certain links to download from the guy's an Reflex (add ons) and it worked fine. My problem is I have now dug the sim out of my boxes so I can teach my son how to fly and I sit with the same problem but have no contact with the guy's at Reflex. web site gone!!
    Does anyone have any idea how I can find the old add ons ??? ( the one with the blue and red dongle for JR radio) :whistling:

  • Ok Thanks, Now I see !!

    But how do I get the add ons for my sim ? Everything is new and all I want is to use the sim I paid for< I dont want to go purchasing all new stuff. Any Ideas

  • Addons are here in " Downloads "

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  • Hi Trev, I think your Blue dongle is the latest one....so I think the upgrades may be workable from the new Reflex website as above...I assume you want to upgrade to the later version. You may have to pay for an upgrade to the latest one though. I sent in my old red dongle to purchase the upgrade to the latest one plus latest s/ware version...this worked very well (WIN 7 64bit and upgraded PC now with NVidia 3D running on ASUS 3D monitor. Reflex is BRILLIANT in 3D btw...it would make things alot easier for your son to learn on)

    The site works very well and so does my latest version and dongle...skinny blue one....Dieter at Simwerks aka Reflex has been very helpful...



  • Thanks Laurie

    No, mine is the old one. I have the disc version 5.00.4 ! Im not a big computer wizz so just trying to keep things simple and see if my son is interested before I let him trash my models.But thanks for the info, appreciated.

    Still trying to find the "addons here in Downloads" !! ;(


  • Hi Trevo!

    • Only two (2) threads below yours is the answer that you are looking for, they are called "updates": klick this -> "Reflex 5.01 " and yes it's for all old Reflex XTR versions 5.00.0 up to 5.03.0.
    • Add Ons are new planes, helis and scenaries (landscapes), these you'll find in the "Webdisk" the download area, it's the seventh menu button on the top of this site, but it will be open again at the 1st of june, because the download traffic reached the limit days befor the month ends.

    Beste Grüße, best regards,

    PS: Kostenlos / 4free - Scenary " Fischen " - 4 Reflex XTR, AFPD, FMS, Heli-X and in work 4 Phoenix RC, search the Webdisk or visit my HP.