New HobbyZone Firebird Stratos for Clearview, FMS and RC Desk Pilot

  • Hello sim flyers,

    Just completed the sim models for the HZ Firebird Stratos for:

    _________ClearView__________________FMS_________________RC Desk Pilot_____

    This is one awesome RTF airplane, it has terrific looks and comes
    with some awesome technology for easing a newbie flyer into a
    successful flying hobby. They call it Electronic Virtual
    Instructor technology and experienced pilots can think of it
    as a roll gyro with a mixing radio that makes it easier
    to fly the model and keep it straight and level and well
    behaved in the turns.

    I bought mine at Hodges Hobby during SEFF 2012 right as it came
    off the shipping truck.

    Video FliteTest Review

    WingSpan: 42 in. (1.070 m)
    Length: 30 in. (0.765 m)
    Weight: 17.0oz. (0.482 kg)
    Battery: 2-cell 7.4V 1300mAH LiPo
    Power System: twin 180 brushed motors
    Prop size: 4.75 x 2.5 counter-rotating
    Flight Time: 10+ Minutes
    Radio System Included: 3-Channel 2.4Ghz Radio
    CofG: 0.8in (20mm) in front of landing gear

    Please compare these sim models to the real versions and let
    me know what changes need to be made. Please include which sim
    you use in your comments. Thanks and Good Sim On You!

    -- ggunners