FYI...DX6I and the SimStick...going very well with Reflex XTR2..

  • Hi,


    I have just had a session flying with it and its going very well...I plan to put a video about it shortly on my YouTube channel....

    Reflex very kindly sent my one for free (THANKS!!..a real surprise!!) when I was ordering a replacement cable ( I ordered the wrong one for the upgraded Reflex XTR dongle...Blue)....It makes it alot easier to fly with my Tx now free from the trainer cable...



    :D :D :D

  • Hi Laurie I have just purchased the Slimstick. I use Reflex XTR2 V 5.06.3 and use a DX7. Did you use the Reflex dongle and attach it to the Simstick's USB port? I did but can't get reflex to work - asks me to" switch on the Tx" like it normally does when the Tx is connected directly to the Reflex dongle. How do you get around this? Appreciate you help

    Best regrds