New Brooklyn Aerodrome Towel stunt airplane for FMS and RC Desk Pilot

  • Hello flyers!

    Coming from some recent publicity on the cover of Make magazine,
    the towel easy build delta is gaining some awesome recognition.
    Here's the RCDP version of the towel and the FMS version too.

    ________RC Desk Pilot_______________FMS___________

    The towel is a fun and easy to build delta airplane. With prudence,
    you can build it pretty inexpensively. The parts lists and videos linked
    from the Brooklyn Aerodrome website (
    will help you get it built, flown, crashed and rebuilt. Go make it and
    have some fun.

    Build Thread:…Plane/2042/1#.T9fDaT5Yvr9
    Build Videos:

    Model Specs are:

    AUW: 18 ounces (0.51kg)(estimate)
    WS: 42.0 inches (1.069m)
    Length: 23.0 inches (0.584m)
    Materials: Fan Fold Foam (FFF) DOW Bluecore with Coroplast Deck
    Motor: brushless 1400kv motor and brushless 18A ESC
    Prop: 10 x 4.7 slow fly
    Batteries: 2 cell 1800 mAh 10C 7.4v LiPoly
    Transmitter: 4 channel 2.4Ghz like TTX404
    Receiver: 6 channel 2.4Ghz like TTX600

    Please try the sim versions and let me know how they fly
    compared to the real model.

    -- ggunners

  • coooool !!!!!!!!!!

    Be Happy!!! auch wenn der Flieger abstürzt !!!! :S:D

    Gruß (Maxi)milian