Recovered 120 Yoshio Nakakita FMS 2.7 models

  • 120 Yoshio Nakakita FMS 2.7 Models recovered

    When Infoseek Japan stopped offering free web sites, several Japanese sites
    with numerous FMS 2.7 models were lost. One of those model authors was
    Yoshio Nakakita who created a large quantity of rc-sim models for FMS 2.7
    Hopefully, I have found most of them and preserved them for others to enjoy.
    If you borrow any 3D model parts or full airplanes from Yoshio Nakakita
    metasequoia .mqo .x or other files, please be sure and give him credit
    for his amazing work.

    -- ggunners

    P.S. One model I could not find was called It was the Grumman Duck
    OA-12 or J2F. I found the preview photo but not the .zip file for this one.
    If anyone finds it, please PM me or email me the .zip file. Thanks!