New FMS PT-17 Stearman for ClearView, FMS, RC Desk Pilot

  • Hello Sim Flyers,

    Once more, a request came along for an RC Sim model of the
    PT-17 Stearman in yellow and blue. This is one pretty model.
    The 3D model from Shinichiro Nishiya from 2001 was my starting
    point. I kept a few parts of his original model and redid what was
    needed to satisfy CV. Then I created a brand new image map
    for this gorgeous airplane.

    ________Clearview___________________FMS__________]______RC Desk Pilot_____

    FMS PT-17 Stearman

    - Wing Span: 1,050mm ( 41.3in )
    - Length: 850mm ( 33.5in )
    - Flying Weight: 1,060g ( 37.39 oz. )
    - Servo: 9g Servo x 4
    - Motor: 3536-KV850 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
    - ESC: 35A Brushless ESC
    - Propeller: 11X7 2 Blade Propeller With Spinner
    - Battery: Li-Po 11.1V
    - Radio: 4 Ch Radio Control

    Stearman on RC Groups
    Vendor site

    I hope you enjoy it. Good Flying! -- ggunners