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    Yes, that would be great, thank you. I downloaded some planes, but I think it must be for the new program. Mine says " Error: Cannot read the model appearance data file". Let me now if you could share some of the files. Best regards, David K (Rhode Island, USA)

    Even though no responses I was able to make it work. The reflex program works in compatibility installation mode. The dongle: I switched the wires at the mono connection (just unscrew and re-solder) and it works flawlessly now. Now, I''ll try to find some new models to fly, any recommendations where to find to download? Thanks.

    I used to love the simulator on my XP computer. I can run the simulator and the dongle is recognized, but cannot calibrate and loose 2 channels after trying. Would the HobbyKing USB Simulator Cable XTR/AeroFly/FMS help? Or maybe there is another solution? I am using an older JR XF421EX transmitter. Thanks!