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    The flight time is 15 minutes. The time does not run when the model is on the ground or you do controller setup.

    Some people perceive the ground effect and tilting the model because of the tail rotor as program deffects. For that reason, the trial models are selected to be easy to fly and the ground and tail rotor effects are minimal to nonexistent.

    Having said that, most beginers helicopters these days are very stable. If yours is not like that, you may check your model for sticky or sloppy ball links, poorly centering servos or unbalanced rotor head.


    Here is ClearView v. 4.82 that was designed to run on Vista:

    This version will install and run under admin OR limited user rights in Vista and Windows XP.

    Other new features:
    - Will detect lack of OpenGL support in Vista and will suggest to install the latest driver
    - Support added for Dynam 6 ch. USB dummy Tx and for GWS USB dummy Tx

    Here is a short movie

    If you allready have older version, uninstall the old version and after that delete SVKSystems folder under c:\Program Files

    As usual, let me know if any problems.


    We have found that many computers are not able to work properly with the second camera view enabled. For that reason, version 4.80 and 4.81 are dropped. The current version is 4.79H and can be downloaded from the web site. The second camera code is there, but must be enabled by editing startupParams.txt and changing:

    showSecondCamera 1

    If the frame rate drops to halt, or the second camera window is not working, exit the program and change showSecondCamera back to 0.


    ClearView RC ver. 4.80 is available for download.

    New features:

    - New version of the graphics library with better and sharper model rendering.

    - As requested by many, a new close-up camera window shows the model from close distance. The close-up window is shown in the lower right corner and can be turned on and off.

    - The transmitter window is reworked and is much nicer.

    - "Play Recorded Flight" is now enabled in the demo version and can be used to replay flights recorded with ClearView and shared on the Internet. The feature can be used even when the free flight time expires. TRex450 flight in a gym is included as test for the flight player.

    - Changes to free time countdown - now the time does not run when in Controller Setup, when playing the demo flights or when the model is sitting on the ground.

    - A number of small bug fixes.

    Please let me know if you have any problems !!!


    Finally, I was able to complete the first step of longer running effort to uplift the helicopters flight model in ClearView RC Flight Simulator. Version 4.77 with the new heli physics is now online and I would be VERY interested in any feedback I may get. There is a complete rewrite for the head simulation with some new ideas that in my opinion brings significant improvements in any aspect of the flight, from hovering to radical 3d. All models are with new params files and use the new engine. I spend most of my time with Raptor 90, 60 and all TRexes, where I spent a lot of time flying, then running back and checking the same flight elements on the sim. Hope I am not mistaken.


    PS: All other heli and planes models will work exactly the same, there is separate branch of the code that handles the old version exactly the same.


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    ClearView seems to be written in Java - so why do you not just release a somewhat more "native" version of ClearView for Mac and Linux (i.e. without we need of running Windows on them...)


    While it is possible to make Mac version, the porting task is far from trivial and requires significant time and effort. Our limited resources will be better spent adding new features on the current platform.



    Original von dl3fy
    ...But there is still the unrealistic effect when i move the pitch quick to the up- or down position. Please compare this with other SIM's like Reflex or AFPD... maybe others too


    You refer to Raptor50 - this is third party model and the parameters reflect the model designer intentions. I would have it set up a little different, but that would be just mine subjective opinion. As I said before, ClearView flight model is very flexible and I can make the model fly any way you like it to fly.

    I modified the params file you posted and suggest to try the modified params file:

    Let me know if you feel the pitch sensitivity is what you expect.


    >in theory, the heli would fly more like my real eco?

    Learning to fly RC helicopter is similar to learning to drive a car. You can learn on any car and then is trivial task to start driving your own car, even if it is different make than the car you have learned.

    At the beginning, you must develop hands to eye coordination. Any helicopter will be good to learn. In fact, you may want to start with bigger glow helicopters, because they are easier to control, react slower and are more precise. Now ClearView has a trainer mode, where you can learn to control onle one control at the time, while the computer controls all other so you can build reactive skills fast.

    I would say, start and learn to fly using ANY helicopter. Try to have concrete goals and allways keep the helicopter under control. Try not to crash and keep the training very close to real training routines you would have with your real helicopter. When you learn to have controlled hover tail in, sideways and nose in you will be ready to lift your real RC heli and you will be surprised you will be hovering with good level of control after first few hops (provided your heli is properly set).


    I am not sure I understood the question, so please disregard this if I answer the wrong question.

    - To fly any helicopter inverted (upside down) you must set "Idle Up" to "On". The status of "Idle Up" is shown on the program title bar at the top of the window.


    I am here to provide answers to any questions you may have for ClearView, ClearView models, setup, creating or importing sceneries and things of that nature.

    Regarding the flight model:

    - Please note that the plane flight model is based on 140 flight parameters and heli flight model is based on 120 parameters. Each model can be set to fly in very different way to satisfy wide variety of fliers and flying styles.

    In real life, no two models fly the same - small differences in CG, control throw, dual rates and expo, servo slop, servo speed, model weight, engine power, prop choice make a lot of difference. The simulator presents a specific settings for each model that represent our vision for "average" setup for that particular model. It may or may not fly as the one you build because your setup will be different. At the same time, all models in ClearView fly in very consistent and realistic way that is very close to real RC models. This have been proven by extensive testing and comparing how our models fly to great number of real models.

    There are hundreds third party models for ClearView. Many (if not all) fly quite well. It is possible that you can find a third party model that does not fly well and here is a simple explanation:
    - ClearView is a program that is under active development and every month we have new releases with substantial new features added. We constantly improve the flight model by addinge details to the simulation that did not existed before. We try to be backward compatible, but in some cases, a model that was flying very well in older version may need a little revision to the flight parameters in order to fly equaly well in the latest version. This is not supposed to happen, but it does. So, the next time you find a third party model that you feel needs a little work, the best is to contact the model source and point out the problem. Or, drop me e-mail and I will help and provide params.txt file that fix the problem (if there is any).


    All I can tell you that ClearView helicopter flight model is equal or better to any other flight sim. I can't argue in German, but looks to me dl3fy is rather uninformed and biased. Try and see for yourself.

    ClearView version 4.74 is now released. Here is what is new:

    - New Auto Pilot training mode for helicopters and planes. Learn to fly with the help of auto pilot on any or all channels.
    - Number of pre-selected helicopter auto pilot modes will help learning to hover and fly fast forward.
    - New plane 3d auto pilot mode for learning to hover. If you are just getting into planes, try the plane auto level pilot.
    - New improved smoke and smoke effects. Advanced users can add up to 10 smoke devices on any model and adjust number of smoke parameters.
    - Improvements in the weather effects. Now the wind affects the engine smoke as well.
    - Better head aerodynamic simulation - you can hear the stalled blades after over aggressive pitch changes or too much cyclic.
    - Better engine/blade disk power management and simulation. Now you can bog down the engine and simulate underpowered or overpowered models.
    -The camera mode fixed in the Internet multi play. Number of small bug fixes/improvements.