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    I know what you mean Frank, The POLAR derivatives leave much to be desired. I'm hoping someone with some programming knowledge can make a airfoil POLAR generator that works like PAR edit, but uses the same idea tha Capable Computing's MotoCalc uses for airfoil generation. I'd also like to know if the symetrical sections POLAR used for tail surfaces is honest enough in it's behaiviour, and we really need a Reynolds Number adjustment for small and larger models.

    Excuse my English..Google translation below...

    Ich weiß was du Freivermerk bedeutest, der POLARE gewünscht zu werden Ableitungen Urlaub, viel. Ich hoffe, daß jemand mit etwas programmierenwissen eine Tragfläche POLAREN Generator bilden kann, der wie GLEICHHEIT redigieren, aber Gebrauch das gleiche Idee tha arbeitet, das MotoCalc Gebrauch für Tragfläche Erzeugung berechnend fähig ist. Ich möchte auch wissen, wenn das symetrical Abschnitte POLARE verwendet für Endstückoberflächen genug in ihm ist behaiviour ehrlich ist und wir wirklich eine Reynolds Zahljustage für die kleinen und größeren Modelle benötigen.


    [quote]Originally posted by Pijuvwy
    Where do I find your models? That might be a stupid newbie q'n but so be it. I have wondered how one posts into the "Downloads" section, so perhaps that is what you are referring to as the "Uploads".

    Yes, I have what I think is the same RedBaron game, where you can choose your Jasta and mission etc, and shoot a few bridges and rail-yards, if you survive the defence. I haven't used it for a few years, but from memory, it does seem similar to FMS in many respects, but an in-comparably larger world.

    Yes, a Spad would be nice. Why is one of the best ww1 planes one of the least remembered?

    Yes I've wondered that also, Camels and Fokker DR1's seem to be remembered.

    The Spad came in several different versions There was a cannon equipped one , the model XII, that was made in very limited numbers, I think only reknowned French Aces like Fonk and Guynemere received these versions and they weren't very easy to fly, as the breech for the cannon was where the joystick was usually placed. They were quite nose heavy too.

    There are quite a few different patches for the old RedBaron3D game, check out SWISSA's Western Front Patch, and Full Canvas Jacket. The FCJ patch is better, but more demanding of your PC.

    I guess my models will be up after this weekend....

    Here's some images of some of the models I've uploaded, hopefully they make the downlaod section, but I've been known to have bounced email attachments before...


    My German is not so good, (non exsistant...) but I've come from the English FMS forum to ask if anyone here knows what the new MetasequoiaLE version is capable of importing and exporting, And is anyone familiar with the native rendered shape format for Redbaron3D that I think is called .DTS? How can I get a .MQO file exported to a .DTS?

    I know that Frank has been really helpful, (thanks again....) but I thought I'd broaden my search horizon into the German language forum and especially here as this is the Metasequoia forum.

    Greets or Grub


    hi ken

    Well a few of my models are big, the Austin Tripe, DR1, (actually Logic_Wizard's..) and Sopwith Pup. and one is HUGE,.. it's a near full scale size, the Parasol Grande. Not really a real scale model though.

    I myself model in smaller scales and most of my present virtual models are inspired by Peter Rake's plans and kits from RCGroups website. I'm inclined towards smaller sizes 'cause I fly at parks and in my yard. But I can always make a mix of sizes.


    Am I mistaken in thinking that the new vers. of MetasequoiaLE has the ability to export to .3DS?

    What the modellers at SWWISA do is use Anim8tor to create the original file, then they export to a 3DS file which is modded to a .DTS file. It's pretty involved and Anim8tor sounds clunky and apparently doesn't play well with my present video cards.

    Maybe I should have titled this thread, "Game developing, the real world?"..... :D ?(

    thanks again


    Well this upload I've just sent has a couple of slowies, a Sopwith Half-Strutter, AV Roe's early 1909 tripe and a little indoor model I call the Wisp.

    A Spad huh? I had plans for the two-seater, I forgot what # it was called, had the backswept wings and an observer with a Scarff Ring with a pair of Lewis's.. I like the Handley Page 0-400 but the struts and rigging make my neck and wrist stiff just thinking about it.

    The limited space of the flying area is something I've pondered myself, I fly that most ancient of combat flight sims RedBaron 3D, and I find that it and FMS seem to have a lot in common, at least in ground structure and skinning of the terrain. And in RdBaron3D you can fly all the way from Calias in the Northwest Flanders to San Quentin in Northern Marne. I'd say at least well over 120 miles? Of course the scale is much different and there's always a CD in D: drive for map updates. Plus the initial download approaches 400 megs with both the stock game and the patches. Wouldn't it be great to patch FMS for more single session flyable land area?


    Oh, I guess this means I need to get 3D Studio Max. ;( I'm not sure there's a freeware version, is there? Seems like the Milkshape league is mostly concerned with first person shoot-em up games like Doom and Quake. I guess RB3D comes slightly into this catagory, but I like the flight aspect of it more.

    Thanks and Greets


    I've got a bit of a question for any virtual modellers in the Administration or elsewhere.

    I've downloaded a couple of copies of Milkshape3D renderer program from SwissQuake.Com with the intention of using it for converting MQO files to 3DMax or Lightwave files. The original intent of this was to be able to plug in some odd experimental WWI fighters into a heavily patched version of the old combat flight sim RedBaron3D.

    The problem is that I was checking our anti-virus yesterday morning and both downloads of this freeware renderer had Trojan downloaders that AVG had isolated and deleted. I've tried to get registered to the Milkshape forum but I'm not able to post or do searches there even though I was able to register. It seems that this is pretty scummy, hosting a link to a download that contains malware. Is this typical? I came opon the website link for Milkshape through a link on Mr. Sekai's Metasequoia website. I thought I'd just give you a heads up..


    OK, I'm poised to upload another batch of WWI and pioneering flight FMS models to you guys, but I want to know,... Are marginally powered scale models of has-been warbirds boring you folks to tears?

    I noticed that my latest batch of WWI models are just not often downloaded. Yet here I am with 5 new WWI models plus some re-edited past models that I've changed the size of and re-PAR filed. I just don't want to be wasting your bandwidth, but I cant stop myself!

    Would you like to see more German WWI models? I know Logic_Wizard's DR1 that I re-PARed has been pretty popular.

    Just my opinion, but I think that the CAPs/Giles/Extras aerobatics are fine models, but they're really boring to me, but that's just my opinion. So I hope you don't mind if I just keep on offering these stick and rag offerings that need to be slightly dived to complete a loop.

    Best regards


    Hi there,

    I just wanted to check in with you folks and see what you think of my new models. One in particular is not downloading, the AeroAce#1. I've noticed that it's still being downloaded, but I've gotten a couple of requests' for it from people who say it isn't available. They're getting a IE 404 Error object not found.

    Is there a problem at my end, like maybe some data got scrambled? Or is there some other problems? I'd like to post this thread in a more active German language forum but I
    'm not sure if Google language tools will translate my message correctly.

    Thanks for help in advance.