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    Yes!!!!! At Last!!!

    Just got mine running and WIN10 with my Samsung Odyssey Plus WHD using Win VR and the Steam MS HMD VR then XTR2 with my Blue Dongle...DX6i (old one)

    Is brilliantly headswivingly great!!! LOL....

    Now I need to find the models that used to be here so I can get a larger trainer as the small ones tend to blur out at a great distance....

    Rally pleased Stefan did this upgrade.... Laurie Carroll New Zealand



    I have just had a session flying with it and its going very well...I plan to put a video about it shortly on my YouTube channel....

    Reflex very kindly sent my one for free (THANKS!!..a real surprise!!) when I was ordering a replacement cable ( I ordered the wrong one for the upgraded Reflex XTR dongle...Blue)....It makes it alot easier to fly with my Tx now free from the trainer cable...



    :D :D :D

    Hi Trev, I think your Blue dongle is the latest I think the upgrades may be workable from the new Reflex website as above...I assume you want to upgrade to the later version. You may have to pay for an upgrade to the latest one though. I sent in my old red dongle to purchase the upgrade to the latest one plus latest s/ware version...this worked very well (WIN 7 64bit and upgraded PC now with NVidia 3D running on ASUS 3D monitor. Reflex is BRILLIANT in 3D would make things alot easier for your son to learn on)

    The site works very well and so does my latest version and dongle...skinny blue one....Dieter at Simwerks aka Reflex has been very helpful...



    Well I have the Fraps demo version installed and set to record Stereo 3D ok. It does this fine with FSX but does generate large files (EG 29 secs = 900+ mb)....However I cant get it to record in Reflex XTR in keeps crashing Reflex when I use the Fraps key to start recording... I tried F9 and F12 after I realised F9 is also used in Reflex....

    I have a demo version of Cyberlink's Power Director 10 programme, to edit videos and up load to YouTube etc...

    Any ideas??



    Hi....I have been trying to import a few FMS models in via XModder but RMK doesn't appear to be able to find or read the Tex FILE...???...usually get an error about the TEX file and on "line 4"... So I haven't been able to import the Xmodded files into RMK..I have tried the two texture options in XModder but..??

    Any info is much appreciated....Laurie


    The web site "carsten reflex seite" has SQL (database on the server I think) errors when you try to XModder available at another web site...??



    New Zealand