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    Hi Guys i tried the DC3 Download but when I try to use it in Reflex I get message" DC3 FINAL PROJECT.mod not found"
    Does anyone know how to fix this :)

    Hi Guys I am running Reflex 5.02.2 and have been trying to adjust camera zoom but it reverts straight back to the original setting. ny ideas or doesnt the camera adjustments work in this release? ;(

    Hi Guys I have found the solution from a fellow heli pilot at :D

    The answer is:__ I downloaded and installed the free player "Winamp"
    and use it to play audio whilst running Reflex.
    (do a google search on winamp for the download link)

    Guess what? you hear all the reflex sounds ie engine blades etc PLUS your music selection from the hard drive at once ! --perfect.

    Apparrently windows Media player and others are too hungry, as is Reflex, so they lose the resource grab to Reflex . 8o

    Winamp hardly needs any resources so works happily in the background whilst Reflex hogs all the PC resource :D

    somehow Aad that must lose something in the translation :D

    Well ive tried everything I could find, Increasing CPU Clock speed, changing Audio, unchecking sound in Reflex, using Real player -then MS Media player, different Hard drives for players and reflex.

    reflex just seems to take priority and sucks PCs full capability
    music track stops when sticks are moved and keeps strting from that point, weird

    P4, 512M Ram 2X 80GB HDD 128 MB sound card .

    Any clues?

    Hi guys anyone know how to play music smoothly on the PC whilst using Reflex.
    Ive tried reflex on a different drive to Media players but it still clips the music and the music causes jumps in Reflex.
    Even when I turn off sound in Reflex?? ?(

    I would like to say a very big thankyou to all the guys (and girls) who post new scenes and aircraft. :D :D

    Having tried my own I know what a time consuming task it is. 8o

    Sehr großer Dank sind Sie sehr gut!

    If you have troubles. Only use the Sx.bmp *picture then use an existing wlp file and Sx_.bmp *files "Fresh" from another scene (not the bundled ones that came with the Picture).
    place these 3 files in a folder (your name choice) under Umwelt-WLp
    Then open Reflex and look for this folder name in select scenery, it should work well . :]

    Good luck.

    * S1.Bmp and the corresponding S1_.BMP or S2.Bmp and Corresponding S2_.Bmp or S3.Bmp etc depending on which scene you take the WLP file from.

    Try to pick a scene with objects as close as possible to new scene.
    This helps as when opened the Aircraft should be in a good spot in the new scene.

    As Reflex establishes the interelationships between these 3 files as it opens the the new scene. :D

    For some reason you get error messages I think because reflex didnt recognise the wlp and Sx_.Bmp mask file from the other guys files? ?(