Small tutorial Metasequoia

Small DIVx tutorial for using the Metasequoia software

by Rainer Stein

First of all you need two programms!

Metasequoia (Methaseq 2.1 download here) and second the IPACS converter (mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. )

Start Methaseq and load an example (cat) and play a little with to learn controling the programm.

Very important is, that you can rotate the object with the right mouse down in main window.

So you need not change any menue!

Then learn how to select a part of object (point, line, square, all) and what happens when moving it.

The small videos will help you to understand.

Here is an example from ridder_crash_files.mqo.

So after saving it in Metaseq in the right format (see video), you only have to execute the converter.

Best to do this is to make a PC linkage file. Here a example I used to create ridder_crash_objects.


Then start AFP to see the results.

AFP allways must be closed before converter is started!

Don't forget: The crash_obj file must bee inserted into the xxx.geo file of the Scenery folder !

... example

GROUND ridder/ridderg.obj

OBJECT ridder/ridder_fein.obj

OBJECT ridder/ridderCrash.obj

(don't use a underline in name, the converter will have problems)


And here are the videos (in a few minutes ....)

1. get started

2. create object, move and rotate

3. make in complex

4. save_it_normal_and_for_afp

much luck