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    1. Good night The Grand Wazoo!
    2. I have been in love with aviation since I was a child, but only after being an adult, I was able to have my first model, but today due to lack of time and son, I am already 57 years old, and still in love with aviation, it is much more difficult to keep the hobby, but in love still on the Aerofly pro deluxe, which allows me to fly frequently listening to the roar of the engines that thrill me. I have downloaded your models (Easyfly) for AFPD, for their fantastic real appearance. I would like to know, of course, because you have always presented in your posts, many more models in scale (Easyfly for AFPD) that is not in the download session, how could you get them? Could you give in via email? If yes follow my email-
    3. Regardless of being answered or not, you will always have my eternal respect for your work.
    4. Hugs straight from Brazil, Rui Lima.